Produced through an Arts Council grant, photographer Collette V. Fournier’s “Retrospective: Spirit of a People” is a historic embodiment of four decades of her photography archives. The two hour presentation with a Q & A takes the viewer from black and white to color imagery and from film to digital capture. Fournier’s serial works explore themes of The Amistad: From Mystic Seaport to Nova Scotia, Post Hurricane Katrina, Travels to West Africa, and her community.
Hardware: This powerpoint presentation requires a laptop, projector, screen,  wi-fi pointer, microphone and podium.

*Presentation: $350 - $1500

Depends upon location.

Contact: Collette V. Fournier, Photographer

Amistad: From Mystic Seaport to Nova Scotia

"Retrospective: Spirit of A People"

Tuesday, June 19th 7pm, New City Library

220 N. Main St. New City, NY 10956