With decades of driven energy and intellectual curiosity behind her; a future being shaped by those attributes, as well as a continuous creative vision, Collette V. Fournier has amassed an impressive portfolio of visual images. Her photographs explore the complexities of color, light, and tonal values. Her “eye” and mind understands the complexities inherent in what she is photographing and Fournier is able to capture the subtle essence of her subject matter. To say that her body of work is enthralling may be an understatement. Her work captivates and leaves a haunting impression with the viewer that prompts the observer to take a second look. This inquisitiveness routinely centers on the “how” and “why” of what she captures since she has the ability to embolden the soul of what the viewer sees. As a documentarian, she supplements the historical importance of a subject by casting what is in her lens with an artistic ambiance.  She elevates what may be simply a photo to some viewers. Yet, for most observers, the photographic art that she creates is easily seen and appreciated. With her work chronicled in several photographic anthologies, Fournier is a working photographer who regardless of assignment brings her artistic skills to create work that excites, endures and is transformative.


-bill berry, jr.
CEO, aaduna, Inc.
Publisher, aaduna

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